Train Ride to Venice

Our journey: from Milano to Venezia   (55k)

Our trek from Milano took us past some of the most scenic lands in northern Italy. These lands are in the foothills of the Alps with lots of lakes and rolling hills.

Lake Garda  (58k)

What a beautiful place this must be to live. This is the largest of Italy's lakes, with a great castle and Italian alps in background.

Scenery of Lombardy   (46k)

Small farming community somewhere in Lombardy.

Building on street to lake   (87k)

The street shown here leads right up to the town lake.

Unique Garda Train Station (87k)

Residents around Lake Garda have created this fanciful train station facade.

Gardaland Facade  (86k)

This "Gardaland Hotel" looks more like a hotel in the wild wild west hotel than in Lombardy.

Comfortable seat for Mike   (58k)

Ready for Venice. Mike relaxes, knowing everything needed for Venezia is packed in the blue pack in the seat beside him.

Verona   (55k)

The town where Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is set. This city has a medieval piazza, large duomo and much more.

Small Italian Villa  (48k)

Postcard makers should live around here - the landscape
is magnificent.

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