Locanda Arté

Hotel Logo   (19k)

This small hotel is a great choice for a stay in Venice:

Roccoco is Tame  (66k)

The extravagant style of Venetian culture in 15th & 16th centuries included this kind of decoration.

Locanda Arte Map   (36k)

Located right around the corner from the Accademia, it's easy to get around from here.

Poom at Entrance  (69k)

Patti poses at the entrance.

Mike at Entrance (69k)

He can probably touch both sides of this narrow alley.

Fresh Air from Courtyard   (71k)

Oh it's nice to open the window.

Comfortable seat for Mike   (67k)

Saving energy for the next item on the agenda - walking around lost in old Venice.

On Bed under Picture   (68k)

Pretty as a picture.

Bedroom  (75k)

Is this a sight or what?

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