Docked Gondolas  (75k)

A long line of gondolas is docked along the canal bank.

Waiting for Morning Rush   (83k)

Patti with gondolas behind her, and some wonderful palazzos
in the background.

Gondola pulling in beside
Rialto Station

The gondoleir pulls in beside
the Rialto station to drop off
his passenger.

Irresistable background   (86k)

[No need for description]

Hanging out with Gondolas  (90k)

Mike admires the gondola prow, with its unique "ferri", that ornamental metal piece.

Fancy seats for passengers   (80k)

Very fancy seats for the
gondola passengers.

This gondola is ready to go  (87k)

Hopefully Patti won't jump in
and take off in the gondola.

Where else can you get a picture like this?   (72k)

Nowhere else on earth will you get a photo like this one.

Easy to dock   (86k)

There's plenty of space to dock these slender boats.

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