Castello Sforzesco

Main Tower   (99k)

stitched-together photo
(900 pixels tall)

Porta Giovia   (70k)

This relic commemorates an important gate of the castle, dating back to the 12th century. The original castle, built by the Visconti family, was replaced with this one
in the 15th century.

Funeral monument of Franchino Rusca circa 1339   (46k)

This came from the Church of San Francesco in Como and is one of the best preserved Gothic funeral monuments in Lombardy.

Corner Tower  (60k)


Museum Sign  (48k)

Museum contains important works including unfinished Michelangelo sculpture Rondanini Pietà

Frieze Pieces  (58k)


Museum Ceiling  (39k)


View from Distance  (61k)


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