Residenza Apostoli

Breakfast Nook  (50k)

This was our breakfast nook, with coffee, croissant, etc.

Patti at Entrance Gate   (70k)

The front gate, locked at night.

Mike on Balcony   (65k)

Our balcony, on the second floor. There are 5 rooms; we didn't see the others but ours was great.

Outside our B & B   (81k)

This is it - Residenza Apostoli -
Just around the corner from
the Ponte Vecchio.

Bedroom  (49k)


Borgo Santi Apostoli   (79k)

This is where the Residenza Apostoli is located, suitably named Apostoli, one block from the Arno.

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© 2004 Mike and Poom

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