Piazza della Signoria (Page 1)

Neptune   (54k)

This statue of the Roman God of the Sea is by Ammannati in 1575.

Palazzo Vecchio Tower   (123k)

This medieval tower was completed in 1322 when builders dragged the giant bell to the top.

Rape of Sabine Women   (72k)

Mike poses in front of this, the real version of this famous statue; a copy is kept at the Accademia.

Fontana di Nettuno   (72k)

This fountain features the Roman Sea God and commemorates Tuscan Naval Victories.

Palazzo Vecchio  (70k)

This palace from 1322 was remodeled by Cosimo I. It still serves as a meeting hall.

Sabine Women Inlay  (66k)

Depicts a scene from the infamous Roman conquest.

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