Fiesole / Maiano (Page 1 - Fiesole)

Small street in Fiesole  (75k)

This quiet lane illustrates why people feel so good about living here. This environment is guaranteed to reduce stress.

Fiesole Town Square   (79k)

The main piazza features this unusual work of art.

Window with spruce trees   (66k)

This shot shows a house, painted in the usual earth-tone, with arched window, painted shudders and small spruce trees.

Fiesole Bell Tower   (59k)

This is the oldest structure in town, in the main square.

Tuscan Award  (66k)

This is not a Fleur de Lief, but a Tuscan Award embedded in concrete wall beside road.

Monte Cecere Park Map  (80k)

This map outlines points of interest in the park covering Monte Cecere, such as the cliff used by Da Vinci for his early flight experiments.

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