Arno River & Ponte Vecchio (Page 1)

From Ponte Santa Trinita   (65k)

Patti sitting on the Ponte Santa Trinita, the Ponte Vecchio can be seen in the background.

Southside of the Arno   (71k)

Buildings along the south bank of the Arno river. A school rowing team practices along this river.

Lungarno Hotel Patio   (76k)

Patti sitting in the patio area of the Lungarno Hotel on the south side of the Arno River.

Ponte Vecchio   (64k)

This medieval bridge, rebuilt in 1565, consists of 3 arches resting on giant piers. This view has been essentially unchanged since 1345!

A nice view down the Arno  (50k)

Looking down the Arno river can be very relaxing, no?

Northwest corner of bridge  (76k)

This covered bridge is for pedestrians only. Antique and gold jewelry shops abound.

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